The World's First Remote-Controlled Slope Mower
The World's First Remote-Controlled Slope Mower

Remote controlled Spider Mowers

Specialized equipment for commercial mowing of slopes, inaccessible and large areas.

SPIDER remote controlled mowers are a unique piece of equipment designed for the maintenance of almost all types of terrain.

Spider mowers are versatile machines capable of mowing fine turf as well as heavy brush either on flat areas or on slopes up to 55 degrees. The operation is safe, comfortable and productive.

Benefits of Spider Mowers

SPIDER mowers are a unique piece of equipment designed for the maintenance of almost all types of terrain.

The Spider series of slope mowers were specially designed for the hardest to reach and hardest to maintain areas. Areas that once required multiple crews, equipment trailers, time, and money are mowed in a fraction of the time.

Extreme Climbing Ability

Light-weight construction and a unique drive system allow Spider mowers to work on extremely steep slopes with incline up to 40 degrees.  The integrated hydraulic winch increases the climbing ability up 55 degrees.


Spider mowers deliver high productivity especially in difficult terrain where Spider ILD02 or SPIDER 2SGS can replace up to 15 workers with brush cutters or 1 boom mower carried by a tractor. The patented drive system allows every move to be productive and eliminates loss of time caused by turning the mower, positioning it in the next line or by mowing around obstacles.

Universal Use

SPIDER mowers are exceptional pieces of equipment as they can be used for the mowing of fine and short park grass as well as for heavy brushes – all in the same setup! They can work on flat areas or on the steepest slopes. One SPIDER mower can replace multiple specialized mowers.

Unique Drive System

The patented drive system, “dancing step,” together with constant four-wheel drive ensures incredible maneuverability of the mower in all terrains, great climbing ability, and gentle treatment of grass even in wet or soft terrain.

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Whether you look after a family orchard or provide professional maintenance of large areas, you can choose the best model for your requirements.

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