What are the Spider mowers?  

     Spider mowers are exceptional pieces of equipment as they can be used for the mowing of fine and short park grass as well as for rough mowing of heavy brush – all in the same setup! They can work on flat areas or on the steepest of slopes. One Spider mower can replace multiple specialized mowers.

     Spider mowers deliver high productivity especially in difficult terrain where Spider ILD02 can replace as many as 15 workers with brush cutters or 1 boom mower carried by a tractor. The patented drive system allows for every move to be productive and eliminates loss of time caused by turning the mower , positioning it in the next  line or by mowing around obstacles.

Where are the Spider mowers being used?

     The Spider is in use in almost 50 countries worldwide including the US. There are over 3,500 Spiders in use in the world and over 300      Spiders in use in the US and growing. We have a central distributor in Florida and dealers throughout the US. Parts are always available  and if we don’t have them in stock we can have them shipped directly to you within a few days. 

What about safety with the use of a Spider Mower?

You would hardly be able to find a safer mower in the market. The remote control  allows the operator to stay away from the working area of the mower, away from noise and vibrations. Safety can be further enhanced by using the hydraulic winch, which stabilizes the machine in extreme slopes. Spider mowers work safely in the toughest conditions.

When did the first Spider mower come  out?

     The first Spider model, the ILD01 was developed in 2003.

Where are the Spider mowers  made?

     The Spider line of mowers were engineered, designed and imported from the Czech Republic.  All Spider mowers are manufactured  by Dvorak Ltd. Recently they built a brand new multi-million dollar factory which is where the design, develop, test and assemble all of  the Spider mowers.

What are some of the unique features of the Spider line of mowers?

     All Spider mowers are 4-wheel drive, have 4-wheel steering, a remote control range of 300 feet, cut and mulch in any direction and considered to be the safest mowers on the market.

How are the Spider mowers models different from each other?

     The Spider ILD02 and the ILD01 models can cut on slopes up to 55 degrees with the standard winch. They both can cut brush and grass  up to 8 feet tall. They also can cut saplings up to 1" in diameter.

    The Spider Mini can operate on slopes up to 30 degrees and cuts brush and grass up to 3 feet tall.

 (Please see the individual specs on each model for more information.)

Can you tell me about the Remote Control System for the Spider?

     The Spider uses a proprietary remote control that is patented for use with the Spider. It is Military Grade quality (which means it stands up to many years of use and it is extremely durable.) It is well laid out and with some basic instruction very intuitive to use. Our customers are very impressed the remote control.

     The Spider uses special frequencies that were purchased for use in the US. That means no degradation or interference in the signal. There will be no interference from drones, radio control planes, cars and other devices. A VERY important safety factor. It the remote loses a signal to the Spider (the range is estimated at 300 feet) the entire system shuts down. If the battery in the remote needs to be charged the system will not start and shuts down. We supply two heavy duty lithium ion batteries for the remote control with charger. 

How do Spider mowers impact the environment?

     The wheel drive makes Spider mowers very gentle to grass and eliminates erosion on slopes. Low fuel consumption results in low emissions. Additionally Spider mowers can be equipped with the biodegradable fluids which are often required when maintaining ecologically sensitive areas such as dams, banks and reservoirs.

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