Temporary Heating Technologies

Start engine and shut down engine
Control Speed and Direction of Travel
Engage and Disengage Mower Blades
Raise and Lower Mowing deck
Engage and Disengage Winch
Increase and Decrease Engine Throttle
Activate Emergency Stop (Emergency Stop also located on machine)
Change Controller Frequency (When operating more than one Spider in area.)

The Spider ILD01 has a 32″ cutting width, wide tires for minimum impact on slope surfaces, non-clogging deck, high tech blade for improved mulching and finer cut, 18 hp Kawasaki Engine, up to 55 degree slopes, blade height adjustable by remote control, 4 wheel drive with independent suspension and 4 wheel synchronized steering.

Spider Remote Control Features:

Remote Control Range 300 Feet

We offer revolutionary patent protected radio controlled slope mowers, the Spider ILD01, ILD02 & MINI. These extraordinary machines are capable of mowing slopes up to 55° safely, without exposing risk to the operator. The ILD02 has a 48.5 inch cut with 4 blades, and is powered by a 24 HP Kawasaki engine. The Spider ILD01, ILD02 and MINI are completely certified by the U.S. FCC and EPA. Available through us in NY, NJ and VT.

Radio Remote Control Commercial Lawn and Brush Slope Mowers