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Radio Remote Control Commercial Lawn and Brush Slope Mowers

Spider Remote Control Features:

Remote Control Range of 300 Feet.

Start engine and shut down engine

Control Speed and Direction of Travel

Engage and Disengage Mower Blades

Raise and Lower Mowing deck

Engage and Disengage Winch

Activate "Skid Steer" Feature (ILD02 model only)

Increase and Decrease Engine Throttle

Activate Emergency Stop (Emergency Stop also located on machine)

Change Controller Frequency (When operating more than one Spider in area.)

The exceptional environment-friendliness of the machine is emphasized by its low weight as most of its parts are built of light and noble alloys. The 4-wheel drive system allows the use of the mower in wetlands and in protected natural protected areas.

Spider ILD02 slope mower will find its place wherever you need to cut an inaccessible or unmaintained area, but also in places where high mowing frequency and good quality of cut are required. Spider ILD02 is an absolutely versatile mower designed primarily for professional use. Available through us in NY, NJ, and VT.

The Spider Slope Mower offers a SAFER alternative to the maintenance of sloped terrain UP TO 55 DEGREES!  In areas of rapidly changing slopes where other machines can hardly move, the Spider ILD02 slope mower is unsurpassed.