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Radio Remote Control Commercial Lawn and Brush Slope Mowers

Power Unit:

Engine - Briggs & Stratton 950

Performance - 6.5 HP

Cubic Capacity - 190 CC

Fuel Capacity - 1 Gallon

Fuel - Unleaded

Ignition - Electronic


Mow Width - 22"

Height of Cut - 2-4"

Blade Clutch -  Manual

Mower Deck:

Blade - 1 Rotary​

Traveling System:

Transmission - Hydrostatic

Speed  0 - 2.5 mph

Steering - 360° 4 wheel

Traction 4 wheel Drive

Dimensions: 41 x 35.5 x 23.7 in

Weight: 295 lbs

Climbing Ability -  30 Degrees

SPIDER Mini in Action!

The Radio-controlled slope mower Spider MINI is the latest product of Dvořák. At the same time it is the smallest of all Spider mowers, however with its climbing ability and maneuverability Spider MINI does not lag far behind the commercial models Spider ILD01 and ILD02. Spider MINI is based on the same idea as the other models, but it is newly equipped with a unique chain drive system, which ensures reliable maintenance-free operation, lower center of gravity and make the machine generally simpler and less expensive.