Company increases production of Dvorak slope lawnmowers.

Tentative release Date Spring 2016
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  • 72" Cutting path (Optional up to 92")
  • 4 Wheel drive
  • 4 Wheel steering (wheels turn 360°)
  • Articulated Steering
  • 24.9 HP Diesel Engine
  • Approximate Weight 1,400 lbs. (low ground pressure)
  • Cuts on slopes up to 40 Degrees at 8 mph
  • Comfortable operating controls and seat
  • Remote Control for slope mowing and SAFETY

 NEW! The SPIDER 3Rider!

​Walking up and down the slopes at Syracuse University is not an easy task but the SPIDER makes it look effortless with four wheel drive and four wheel steering. It cuts in any direction and mulches everything in its path. The proprietary "dance step" motion lets you control the SPIDER around all kinds of obstacles. The high heat and humidity doesn't faze it either. The SPIDER just keeps working. Need to move it to another location? It can be transported in the back of a pickup truck from site to site. It moves at speeds up to 5 mph so it can make quick work of cutting jobs.

The SPIDER might not be orange but it will have many fans as the season goes on. Safety is the cornerstone of the SPIDER's construction. With all of the controls handled from the remote, including an emergency shutoff, you are always in complete control. How difficult is it to operate a SPIDER? Not at all. Chances are that if you have ever used a joystick or played a video game your learning curve will be very short. Your next brush and grass cutting job will be easier, safer and less time consuming. The SPIDER line of slope mowers make quick work of handling your vegetation issues.

Celebrate the Orange!

Syracuse University just joined the SPIDER club. We sent out the SPIDER ILD02 for a demonstration this week and Syracuse University is now a proud owner. Brian spent some training time to get everyone up to speed and delivered the new unit the next day. The workforce was amazed at how safe and easy the SPIDER is to operate. With all of the slopes on campus the SPIDER is sure to be the talk of the town. The ILD02 can handle slopes up to 55 degrees by remote control up to 300 feet away. July may be coming to an end but tick season is on the rise so vegetation control is a must for everyone. No slips or falls when the SPIDER is on the job. No contact with poisonous plants and insects as the SPIDER cuts brush and grass down to size.

SPIDERS on the Move!

State's robot mower allows hands-off lawn care
Agency using radio-controlled machine on steep hillsides

Syracuse, N.Y. -- Syracuse University has finally achieved what seemed impossible: They've made mowing the lawn look fun. That's because no one is actually pushing or riding the mower.

One of the university's newest additions is a robotic lawnmower, called "The Spider,"
that's operated using a remote control.

It's used to mow the steepest hills, according to Jim Miller, director of SU's physical plant. In an SU video, Miller said the decision behind the purchase was worker safety on the steep, sometimes slippery banks.

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SPIDER ILD01 on the Job!

BrookfieldRenewable Energy is the latest company to add a SPIDER slope mower to their team. The SPIDER IDL01 is a perfect choice for their extreme slopes and vegetation control. They have many slopes that are difficult to walk on and are near water where you need to control your decent. The SPIDER ILD01 provides excellent control with its 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering.

In the photo on the right you can see a training session on their new mower using the winch which further increases safety of the operator and the machine. With a range of 300 feet the operator can keep a safe distance even in the most adverse of conditions. The SPIDER slope mower is unaffected by the very hot weather we have been having so your workforce can be more productive.

​ALBANY — Motorists along Route 85 or Brevator Street in Albany haven’t been hallucinating if they’ve recently seen what looks like a self-propelled robotic lawn mower creeping along some of the steep hillsides near the Harriman State Office Building Campus.

The state Office of General Services’ remote-controlled Spider Mower is in its second season of duty at the campus.

“People do stop,” OGS spokeswoman Heather Groll said, explaining that motorists who have seen the machine from the Brevator Street area have pulled over to watch the 718-pound aluminum mower do its thing.

We sold the Peace Bridge Authority their Spider.

This Article Appeared in the Buffalo Rising News.

The new pedestrian truss bridge that traverses I-190, with a vista observation deck, is nearing completion. Now that the Porter Gateway Ramp Project (access to the I-190 and the Peace Bridge from Porter) is complete.

Along with the bridge and the observation plateau, a couple buffalos graze nearby. These types of oversized lawn ornaments have become sort of ubiquitous with on/off ramps in WNY. When passing by the other day, my wife shouted, “Look! More buffalo!” Although I never saw them at that time, I did swing back around to take a closer look.

On that second trip, I also noticed something rather out of the ordinary. A worker was cutting grass using a remote control lawnmower (a Spider ILD02). He was standing there with the remote control in his hand, as the machine worked its way around the exit ramp from Porter Avenue. It was once of the more bizarre things that I have seen in recent times.

The SPIDER made the Syracuse Newspaper.

 "It's our fourth largest type with a range of cutting two hundred thirty centimeters, "said the managing director of the company Lubomir Dvorak. He added that the solution of the cutterbar even earned its own patent. "Developing that does not end. In the future I would like to do and robotic a mower that would not need any servicing, "said Dvorak.

 The company in the first half of this year, 240 mowers sold, an increase of fifteen percent more than during the same period last year.

 Radio remote-controlled machines for cutting difficult to reach a steep slope invented himself Dvorak and their technical solutions has several patents. "The development of the latest model of lawn technicians working under my direction nearly eight years," said Dvorak. 

 "I am satisfied with the result. That structure is unique, "said Dvorak. Compared to foreign competition, according to him mower lower weight and even diesel consumption and extra seat for the operator. "The mower can mow the grass so that it could be used as feed for cattle, or cut it ​​for mulching," said Dvorak.

One of the first new mower will be used for water supply dam Želivka. Mow the eight-hectare large grassy embankment dam, a slope inclination of forty degrees. Yellow and black Spider mowers under the brand manufactured by Dvořák - slope mower has more than eleven years. During this time it is delivered to over fifty countries.

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Radio Remote Control Commercial Lawn and Brush Slope Mowers

Another Spider gets an education 

Fordham University has just added the Spider ILD01 remote control mower to it's staff. We spent some time doing training on safety, operation and basic maintenance.

Our line of Spider mowers can be found in many universities, landfills, parks, recreation facilities, dam slopes, highway maintenance departments or anywhere there is vegetation that needs to be maintained. Nothing cuts like a Spider!