Radio Remote Control Commercial Lawn and Brush Slope Mowers

Lawn mower and brush hog accidents are on the rise. One slip, wrong turn, or lapse in judgement can have devastating effects. Click the button below for the more recent lawn mower and brush hog accidents from around the country being reported on Google News. 

(***** Warning some stories and pictures can be graphic *****)

SPIDER Safety Corner

There are many reasons to get a SPIDER.

The most important is SAFETY!

‚Äč With a SPIDER remote control slope mower you can avoid dangers that other machines can't.

  • Avoid Dangerous Rollovers on hills, slopes. steep banks, ponds, retaining walls and more.
  • Reduce your exposure to insects such as Ticks, Bees, Wasps, Black Flies and Mosquitoes.
  • Help prevent slips, falls, and injuries on difficult, slippery and uneven terrain.
  • Reduce your exposure to poisonous plants (poison ivy, oak, sumac) and aggressive vegetation.
  • Reduce fatigue in your work force especially in hot and humid as well as wet conditions.

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