• The latest and smallest model of remote-controlled mower SPIDER has been developed specifically for professional use. It represents a unique combination of high performance and user-friendliness, just like the other professional SPIDER mowers.

Unique Design

Main parts are made of high-quality material that gives the mower the ideal weight for mowing both frequently maintained areas and unkempt terrains.

CROSS LINER can easily cope with difficult terrains and turns around its vertical axis due to the skid steering function and unique wheel drive system. It is not necessary to turn the mower around, unique drive system allows for all directions mowing and it is so simple to guide the mower into the next mowing line.

The sophisticated design allows you to easily tilt the mower into the service position on the side and save space during winter storage. You can also quickly and easily access the mowing deck and engine.

Universal Use

Ideal for mowing both sloping and flat terrains.

CROSS LINER perfectly follows the terrain thanks to the terrain copying platform and is very maneuverable. It always leaves a perfectly trimmed lawn, even in places where there are many obstacles. Its size allows it to easily pass under solar panels.

The mower is gentle on the terrain, low weight and unique steering system do not cause soil erosion. With the help of the stabilizing winch, the mower can mow slopes of at least 40 degrees depending on the terrain.

Safety First

CROSS LINER has been designed with maximum operator safety in mind. It is equipped with a brand new clutch system with our own design, which is the only one on the market to ensure that the blade stops within 2 seconds.

The integrated stabilizing winch increases stability even on the most extreme slopes.

Thanks to the remote control, the operator is not exposed to harmful vibrations, noise and exhaust gas emissions from the mower.

Technical Information

Drive Unit

Honda GXV390 – 10.2 HP

Cutting Width

65 cm

Cutting Height

4-10 cm 


96 x 111 x 60 cm


0-6 km/h


175 kg / 386 lbs

Basic Information



Drive Unit

Engine Type Honda GXV390
Performance 10.2 HP, 7.6 kW
Displacement 389 cm
Ignition Electronic
Fuel Tank 4 liter
Fuel Type premium, unleaded gasoline

Drive System

Gear Hydrostatic
Oil Tank 4 l
Speed 0-6 km/h
Steering 360°, 4 wheels
Wheels 13 x 5.00-6

Cutting System

Cutting Width 65 cm
Cutting Height 4 – 10 cm
Clutch mechanical with brake

Performance and Consumption

Performance up to 2500 m2/h
Consumption 1.8 l/h
Climbing Ability 40°
Dimensions 98 x 111 x 60 cm
Weight 175 kg / 386 lbs
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The Honda GXV 390 is a powerful and proven engine in all working conditions and reliable while being used on extreme inclines. The engine has a four-stroke petrol single cylinder system with OHV distribution. 

Performance 10.2 HP
Displacement 389 cm
Number of Cylinders 1

Remote Control

The remote control provides comfort, safety and precise control. Range of the remote control is 100 m.

Following functions can be controlled remotely:

  • starting and stopping the engine
  • setting the speed mode (turtle/rabbit)
  • turning on and off the mowing device
  • adjusting the cutting height
  • changing the speed and direction
  • wheel rotation (360°)
  • activation of stabilizing winch
  • emergency shutdown of the entire system

Drive System

The hydrostatic wheel drive system ensures a smooth change in traveling speed while maintaining optimum combustion engine´s performance. The combination of sensitive speed and direction change guarantees a precise control, high operational efficiency and, last but not least, high safety.

Dancing step

The patent-pending machine travel design allows omnidirectional mowing without the need for complicated maneuvering. We call this kind of movement a “dancing step” and it can simply be described as a four-wheel drive forwards and backwards, combined with unlimited wheels rotation. On a land with a rapidly changing slope and where other machines move with great difficulty, the SPIDER with its original dancing step is absolutely unbeatable.

Skid steering

The SPIDER CROSS LINER is also equipped with the skid steering function. This type of control allows the machine to rotate around its vertical axis to simplify the machine’s handling.

Easy Transport

To transport SPIDER mower you can use a special car trailer containing integrated pull-out ramps and a safety system securing the mower from motion. It can be easily and quickly transported by most of the utility vans as well.

The remote control system together with the special trailer simplify the physical manipulation. Machine can be easily operated even by disabled individuals.

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