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Spider’s highly productive mowers perform especially well on difficult terrains. The Spider ILD02 model can replace as many as 15 workers with brush cutters or 1 boom mower carried by a tractor. The patented drive system allows for every move to be productive and eliminates loss of time caused by turning the mower, positioning it in the next line, or by mowing around obstacles.

The patented drive system, “dancing step,” together with constant four-wheel drive ensures incredible maneuverability of the mower in all terrains, great climbing ability, and gentle treatment of grass even in wet or soft terrain.

Lightweight structure and a unique drive system allow the mowers to work on extremely steep slopes with inclines up to 40 degrees. The integrated hydraulic winch accessory increases the climbing ability up to an incredible 55 degrees while enhancing operator safety. Spider mowers can even climb slopes that cannot be walked on safely by an operator.

Spider’s remote control all-terrain mowers are unmatched in safety. Remote control operations allows the operator to stay away from the working area of the mower, just over 100 yards, away from noise, vibrations, and unsafe conditions. Safety can be further enhanced by using the hydraulic winch, which stabilizes the machine in extreme slopes. Spider mowers work safely in the toughest conditions.

Whether used for the mowing of fine, short turf or heavy brush, Spider remote control all-terrain mowers can work on flat areas or steep slopes to deliver a high quality of cut with mulching power that doubles as a fertilizer to mowed areas.

The patented drive system makes the mowers easy on grass and eliminates erosion on slopes. Low fuel consumption results in low emissions. Additionally Spider mowers can be equipped with the biodegradable fluids that are often required when maintaining ecologically sensitive areas such as dams, river banks, and reservoirs.

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